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Saket Shishu Ranjan H. S. School

Welcome To Saket Shishu Ranjan H. S. School strives to be the best school in the region.

Back in 1984, our beloved founder Smt. Manorama Pandey, started her journey to educate girls in our society. The thought towards stepping into education came across in her mind when she was working as a principal in MLB govt. school. She discovered that girls have to travel so far for their schooling which was inconvenient, time taking and unsafe as well. There are many barriers to educating girls. Some must work to help their families, or stay home to care for younger siblings. Other girls simply don't have the money for educational fees or school uniforms. Paying heed to such situations she established a school for girls and made sure they stay in school and supported their academic success by promoting an equitable school environment that encourages learning. She made a phenomenal bench mark establishing saket shishu ranjan and to continue this journey her youngest son Shri Sanjay Pandey with his wife Smt. Ragini Pandey worked effortlessly and willingly to bring across the essentials of what this school is all about through the pages of its history.

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Saket Shishu Ranjan H. S. School


At Saket Shishu Ranjan H. S. School, children are taken on regular field trips to places such as the post office, aquarium, railway station, bus stops, airport, museum, zoo, etc. breaking the barriers of books and the four walls of the classroom as it supports and enhances their learning experience. As a result children at Raghu International actually know and learn more than what just books can teach them, instead of hammering knowledge into their heads.


Child is the father of Man

In order to contribute to a happy parenting experience, at Saket Shishu Ranjan H. S. School you will become a part of workshops on topics of common concerns like disciplining, healthy parent child communication, nutrition for the toddlers and preschoolers, physical growth and development, etc., under our unique “Parental Skill Enhancement Series”. Also, we welcome Parents to participate as volunteers on field trips, for Library hours or any activity at school community benefits from.

Our Vision

Our vision is to merge the finest in Indian ethos and modern education practices in order to bring excellence in children and make them responsible citizens of the nation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop excellence in academics to focus on Physical, Cultural and Personality Development of a child for his/her holistic development.