Academics Saket Shishu Ranjan H. S School

Saket Shishu Ranjan H. S School
Flag bearer of the new Philosophy

At Saket Shishu Ranjan H. S, our aim is to be the catalyst in the progress of learning by creating a constructive environment, where instead of stressing out the children with expectations and demands, they are given the opportunity to enjoy and thrive on academy, cultural, sports and other challenges thrown at them. It resonates in our teaching philosophy which is unique blend of traditional values with modern and scientific approach. It is our firm belief that children learn better when they feel that the love and care of people around them who respond in a sensitive to manner in the children’s emotional and development needs. There is a unique and special way in each and every child learns, this allows to us highest level of significance to the process of clarifying and transmitting the fundamental concepts. Our team of well qualified and trained teacher leverage appropriate equipment & tools to focus on enhancing all round development of children while recognizing their individual talents and needs.


At Saket Shishu Ranjan H. S, qualified trained and responsible teachers pay individual attention to their students. Their job satisfaction directly relates to happy and talented children in the class!


A Fit Body Paves Way for a Fit Mind.

Each and every single child at Raghu international is tracked for their medical progress and is given due medical progress and is given due medical attention from a highly qualified medical panel.